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£3million on offer for environmental projects

We are making £3million available to projects to improve the environment across Wales.

Over the past year, we have been identifying the key challenges that face the Welsh environment.

We have announced that money, and other support, will be on offer to organisations that can offer projects to meet these challenges as part of a new commissioning approach.





Acorn Antics Achievement

Learners from all over Wales have been taking part in our biggest ever Acorn Antics campaign.

Over thirty education and learning groups collected approximately 386,400 acorns in three weeks - enough to plant 257 football pitches full of oak trees.

The Acorn Antics project, which takes place each year, helps us plant more trees which have been grown from local seeds.

The project also gives young people the opportunity to learn about, and connect with, the natural environment in Wales.





Wylfa Newydd permit application

We are asking people for their views on Horizon Nuclear Power Wylfa Ltd’s application for an environmental permit.

The application is for a Radioactive Substances Regulation permit which details how Horizon will manage, discharge, transfer and dispose of radioactive material and waste from the power station.

This is the first in a series of permits that the company needs to operate its planned Wylfa Newydd Power Station at Tregele, Anglesey.





Threatened sand dunes set for a golden future thanks to National Lottery funding

A third of England and Wales’s threatened sand dunes have a brighter future thanks to a pioneering National Lottery funded conservation and restoration project.

Sand dunes are listed as the habitat most at risk in Europe.  They are a sanctuary for endangered plants and animals like the dune gentian and sand lizard.  However, many are being smothered and fixed by a tide of invasive scrub, becoming sterile, grassy hillocks. 

The Heritage Lottery Fund has given initial support for a £4.1m grant to an innovative four year partnership project, Dynamic Dunescapes, which will restore some of the most important sand dune landscapes in England and Wales.





Consultation on catch control for cross-border rivers

Fish stocks have reached unprecedented lows in Welsh rivers in recent years and the future of many fisheries is now threatened.

Estimated to be worth more than £100 million in Wales, supporting around 1,500 jobs, and with the overall value of angling-related tourism being even higher, it is vital to protect the fishing industry now and for future generations.

But there are continuing concerns around the numbers of salmon returning to Welsh rivers. There are not enough adult fish spawning to sustain stocks or to prevent further decline.

To help tackle these concerns, we are consulting on several actions aimed at helping to reverse the trend and help this iconic species play a continuing role in our environment and culture.





Man arrested at suspected illegal waste site

A 49-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of running an illegal waste site in the Swansea area.

On 14 November, our officers supported by South Wales Police visited a farm in Skewen to investigate the alleged deposit, storage and burying of significant amounts of waste.

The raid was part of a wider on-going investigation by us into illegal waste activity.





Fish pass improvements will help boost stocks

Salmon and trout now have access to an extra 6km of prime Carmarthenshire spawning grounds thanks to our latest fish pass improvement scheme.

The work has been carried out by our forestry and fisheries teams and has involved constructing a series of weirs on the river to address problems of high velocity water flows, caused by culverts, which reduce bed and water levels downstream.

Salmon and trout struggle to jump more than 300 millimetres which restricts migration, reducing the number of fish spawning upstream.





Suspected illegal scrapyard raided

A suspected illegal scrapyard in North Wales has been raided by our officers. 

The site in the Bangor area, which is believed to have been operating for some time, contains about 50 vehicles. 

All scrapyards must have the right infrastructure and management systems in place to deal with pollutants from scrapped cars without harming people or the environment. 





Communities benefit from forest industry co-operation

Lorries laden with timber are a familiar, if not always welcome, sight on the roads of Wales.

The effect of timber transport on rural communities has often been a cause for concern but a partnership between us, private forest sectors and the local authorities of Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion and Powys is addressing the problem through the Tywi Timber Transport Forum.

The forum was established in 2012 by our predecessor Forestry Commission Wales with the aim of taking as much timber traffic as possible off the unclassified road network by using in-forest haulage roads.




Consultation begins on Barry Biomass draft decision

We are launching a consultation on an environmental permit to allow Biomass UK No 2 Ltd to operate its gasification facility in Barry.

This consultation offers local people, businesses and professional organisations an opportunity to bring forward any new information which has not yet been considered as part of previous consultations and to understand how and why we came to our decision.

Due to the Christmas holidays, the consultation will run for an extended period and will remain open until Monday 22 January.




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